Previous Account Holders

Information for people who had an account on the previous website

The old GameFaucet was sold

On April 10th 2016 the owners of purchased GameFaucet in it's entirety (domain, users, website). We do not have any connection with the old owner of GameFaucet.

I cannot login to my old account?

The new website is a complete re-write, and therefore you need to reset your password before you can login to your account from the old You will be asked to choose a username and enter your BTC address to re-register for a full account.

Ok, what about my pending withdraw?

After the purchase we discovered that the previous owners had not paid out since early March. All your old withdraws which were pending will not be credited by us. Apologies for the inconvenience.

But I can keep my balance... right?

Unfortunately, this will not be the case. All balances of old accounts have been returned to 0. This is because the old owner used a poor payout algorithm and left 4.8 Bitcoins in accounts and unpaid withdraws. This is not something we can do, however you can be sure that this will not happen again.

What happens next

You can continue to use and benefit from the new GameFaucet (which we hope you enjoy!). Our reasons for the above are so we can continue to provide a fun site for you to play. We hope our actions show we are serious in keeping the website going for the long term.

Any questions regarding your old account?

You can get all the support you need, just send us a message at any time